Caliber – Legal Marketing

What We Do

Solution Overview

We’ll start by conducting a full analysis of your current marketing strategy and growth goals to provide you with the solution and roadmap to get you to where you want to be. We’ll then implement our attribution system to provide data on where your best cases are coming from, and build the foundation for all of the marketing work we do. Here are a few of the items we’ll implement:

Google Ads

Google Ads now comprises several types of marketing including traditional text ads, along with display, map, and youTube ads. Google is going to be one of if not the most effective way to bring in new cases in 2020 and beyond, and required a very high level of data input (and attribution) to run optimally. Our account executives are Google Ads veterans that have gone through rigorous additional trainings and have access to our proprietary industry data to help ensure the success of your campaigns. This method of digital advertising alone will bring in the vast majority of your online cases-if not overall cases- if done correctly. As a Google Partner, we also have access to things like customer behavior patterns, search trends in your area, and competitor intel, and the first thing we’ll do is hone in your geographic and prospect targeting to make sure that you’re not bleeding money on people who aren’t a good fit for your firm. This map and profile breakdown will be used across all your marketing channels.

Call Staff/Lead Intake Strategy

It’s not enough to simply bring in a consistent stream of quality leads if you’re not able to convert them into clients over the phone. Your call staff are the first people a new client speaks with when they’re not connected to an attorney directly, and all staff that answer the phones must have the skills necessary to create an optimal client experience. We’ll work with you to bolster the sales abilities of your team to ensure a more optimized client intake funnel.

Lead-Driven SEO (Organic Google & Search Engine Ranking)

SEO (otherwise known as Search Engine optimization) will always be one of the top methods for bringing in new clients to your firm. Why? Because people will always be using Google and other search engines to look for the best attorney for them, and ranking at the top of Google is still one of the best ways to get their attention and command authority. The way we will manage your SEO also ensures that your Google ads are as inexpensive as they can possibly be, your map listing is always at the top of Google searches when we want it to be, and yes, your website is at the top of Google for all the key terms we are targeting.

We recommend ranking for at least 10 targeted keywords for your office to allow us to target all your key services for maximum market saturation. 

Social Media and Power Listings Management

The way that most social media is managed today is very fluffy and does not serve to actually bring in more clients on a consistent basis, if at all. What we’ve found is the best way to leverage Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (Which is the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind Google) is to work with you to create informative, fun, original content that we then show (very inexpensively) to relevant potential clients in your market. We’ll work with you to create 2-3 videos that align with your brand, message, and values, and ensure they are seen by relevant members of your community (not just those who’ve liked your profile pages.)

We will then take the most popular pieces of content and use them to create Facebook ads that we’ll show to relevant members of your community within a targeted radius. This creates incredible trust for your firm in your market, and allows us to show your content to people outside of only those that follow you on Facebook. The more people that know, like, and trust you as the top attorney in your community, the more quality cases you’ll capture.

We’ll also work with you to obtain as many 5-Star reviews as possible, and have a proven system we use to generate 5-Star reviews in record time on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more. 

Social Media Launch Protocol:

  • First, we’ll optimize all of your social media profiles by fully filling out your ‘About’ sections with your website, hours, price, and all information that you’re able to provide. Social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram particularly) give preference to these pages in content delivery as well as with page verification.
  • We’ll then get your Facebook page to 10k Likes and get your Facebook page verified
  • We’ll get 7,500+ additional followers on your Instagram
  • We’ll compile your existing marketing materials in a cloud folder from your team with all commercials and other professional video and photo content you have. We’ll take this content and assess which pieces are already on your social platforms, then create a content schedule for our first 2 months to syndicate across all of your relevant social platforms.

Ongoing Social Media Protocol:

  • 5 posts per week on all platforms
  • Consulting on video creation
  • Promoting of selected FB and IG posts
  • Light content editing
  • Custom video thumbnail creation
  • 4-6 stories posts per week

Landing Page Creation & Attribution

Some of our additional marketing efforts will require custom landing pages to be build and maintained in order to have accurate attribution/lead tracking. As part of our relationship, our web team will create and maintain up to one additional landing page per quarter for an additional marketing channel, including OTT ads, traditional media campaigns, and more.

Assisting with Vendor Selection

We know that selecting the right vendors for additional marketing and technology channels can be a time consuming and frustrating process, so as part of our relationship we’ll lend our time and expertise to help you select vendors across a wide variety of areas including case management, intake management, additional advertizing channels like billboards, OTT ads, and other, and more.